• White Sands, NM

    White Sands, NM


    White Sands National Park in southern New Mexico – August 12, 2011, between 5-8pm.


  • Work for CGTN America


    Features and featurettes for CGTN America Digital.


  • Path to Miracle Hill

    Path to Miracle Hill


    With cases like Hobby Lobby and Miracle Hill, 1993’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has become a legal backdoor for unlawful discrimination.


Vanity Ballroom: How a Detroit neighborhood is restoring its landmarks and livelihood

Since 1950, the peak of the U.S. auto boom, Detroit has lost over 64% of its people. Once a major destination for American music, Detroit’s Vanity Ballroom has been abandoned for over 30 years. But partners in the neighborhood of Jefferson-Chalmers are hopeful they can bring both landmarks and the economy of their community back to life. CGTN’s Joshua Barlow reports.


Wushu dreams: From sport to screen

Alex Huynh is an actor and stunt performer who draws on years of competitive Wushu experience for his career in show business. In this profile, Alex speaks on the foundations and principles that have guided his journey.


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